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An interesting feature of the album is called Disney Hall while watching Walt Disney DVD the movie.I love that is entirely optional. I liked the result a bit, but I understand that if someone did not. The effect is very similar for the old theaters, where the curtains parted enough to Doctor Who DVD show the screen. If you do not like (my daughter and I loved it), just choose the version of 4:03. I had this for a few days, and I am still studying. It's actually a little surprising that Disney has released. Film restoration clarity, color and sound is The Office DVD outstanding. The extras on these discs, but it is the main reason you bought the DVD. This is what all DVDs. Disney pioneered the field of animation with this film, and try to do the same with this CSI: Las Vegas DVD DVD.There are literally over 25 hours of fun for this, and many, many interesting behind the scenes segments, and "How do they do?" features making-of film, and the story of Snow White.I look forward to the Army Wives DVD DVD release of Disney's Mickey Mouse cartoons.
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