The only show:The Office on TV I find worth seeing

# 05/09/2011 à 05:06 xenus001 (site web)
The Office DVD is so easy to get around .. and more ... not. This is a fake BBC documentary in the office. Ok, that's the easy part. You need to give this series a chance - it will surely grow for you. When I rented the first season, I was not sure if he should not even laugh or not Doctor Who DVD. The characters were strange, the office was ... Well, the office has been a slow pace.

I almost did not watch the second episode, and then the voice in my head I had the courage to watch the next episode. And I did. And slowly, this cast of characters - characters How I Met Your Mother DVD who seem real people, working hand in hand - came to life. Selfish, bombastic boss, David Brent is so tied to their sense of humor, he often can not see how people really think of him, in the meantime, a series of informal character, Tim has a crush on a quiet morning secretary Walt Disney DVD. These are some of the best humor I've ever met.

It tells us the discomfort of silence, and we meet in the real world all the time.Perhaps my love for the Office is the best sums up these few sentences: each social interaction of this series CSI: Las Vegas DVD is so fancy, like layers of meaning, makes the characters of each exchange, is pure joy or awkward silence. Each character will be a real man, not only used on television. I noticed that a lot of care for these people - they are all very quirky and interesting, and their personalities to run as deep as yours or mine.
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