Much more fun than watching Two and a Half Men

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Another movie Major League is reportedly underway Two and a Half Men DVD.David S. Ward, a writer and original producer of the 1989 Major League, said he hopes to be able to launch the first film stars Charlie Sheen, Wesley Snipes, Tom Berenger, what he calls the Major League 3."We're really talking about doing one now Walt Disney DVD.

I wrote what I see, that Major League 3. We take care of what we speak," Ward told Moviehole.The argument of the "Wild Thing" character means Ricky Vaughn sequel patina of retirement to work with a young player."We've really got three new characters Doctor Who DVD in the new film. And if a movie is popular, can operate on a franchise," added Ward.The director said he has already talked about Sheen reprises the role of Wild Thing."

He is happy to oblige, as long as that happens," Ward said The Office DVD."But he can not draw this year as he is back doing Two and a Half Men, but we could potentially shoot next year. - In his break with the show".Berenger and Sheen also played in the 1994 Major League second.The stars do not appear in a third film called Lost DVD Major League: Back to the Minors, published in 1998. Ward has served as co-writer on the project.
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