keep Two and a Half Men interesting

# 21/10/2011 à 05:06 xenus001
It's the only sitcom I make an effort to see Two and a Half Men DVD! I drive my son when he hears me nuts laughing out loud, watching me on TV! This Walt Disney DVD show is fast and intelligent. Being a mother of three adult males, their relationship with their mother great! I love all the characters, the housekeeper is a wonderful asset to the show with some of the best lines.The Sopranos DVD actor who plays the boy is also excellent, and I am not a lover of child actors, but this kid just hit the mark and is very realistic. Of course, Charlie Sheen, when he has a part to laugh at itself is superb!John Cryer as his brother Army Wives DVD is also perfect.Charlie Sheen is now one of the most successful shows on television.It Boardwalk Empire DVD is well written and funny sex-oriented material that keeps the whole show interesting.
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