I am addicted to How I Met Your Mother

# 12/08/2011 à 04:39 xenus001 (site web)
There isHow I Met Your Mother DVD no doubt that many people around the world will be aware of Cobie Smulders as Robin from How I Met Your Mother. However, still a lot of people understand that it is set to star Cobie Film Studios Marvel Avengers Agent Maria Hill.Smulders has revealedLost DVD that one of the most fun parts of the role of Agent Hill is that he gets to try out different outfits. Cobie said: "I tried to share the catsuit, [and] I saw the conceptual drawings of what they want to be. And 'fascinating to me."She also praised the work thatTwo And A Half Men DVD goes into the costumes, adding: "I feel like wardrobe is very creative in these types of films, because they literally spend weeks designing just the pants or an emblem. It is a Such a processSopranos DVD consuming, so I was excited to see how he turns back. "Agent Maria Hill is known for having short hair in comics, so it is interesting to see if Cobie Smulders follow in the footsteps of Vanessa Hudgens and Gimme Shelter, and cuts off her hair, or if you just wear a wig convincing. Avengers Doctor Who DVDwill be released in the U.S. and Britain May 4, 2012.
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