for me Army Wives is the best show

# 21/10/2011 à 05:14 xenus001
Having a child in the care of soldiers of this Army Wives DVD show! My daughter-in-law and discuss each episode and also try to understand the episodes to come! It is so true to life as entertainment can help! I think it's one of the best Lost DVD shows on TV today. They talked about the cancellation of the series, but apparently the "fans" of the series even for that! You feel like a family member in this show. Laugh, mourn, worry, do all things with them that the family Sopranos DVD member does. If someone wants to take a look at military life is a great way to experience it for yourself! Thanks to my son and his wife, who now own every season of "Army Wives"! It was my One Tree Hill DVD Christmas amd had not wished for anything better! I do not know what else to say about "Army Wives", but for me is the best show we have now.It shows the life of a military Boardwalk Empire DVD base called Fort.
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