Everyone should see this show:Doctor Who

# 21/10/2011 à 05:10 xenus001
As a child, I loved Doctor Who DVD series, and apparently I was hiding behind the sofa when the Daleks appeared. I think it must have been the voice. But ultimately the idea lost much of its Army Wives DVD charm that it was a real pain to watch.Well, everything has changed, which is a nostalgic moment, I've never been around for a doctor came back to this stimulus is a fun childhood favorite, although I am now a healthy part of my Walt Disney DVD thirties.Christopher Eccleston is a big advantage and Billy Piper makes the archetypal companion. This new incarnation is full of humor and tongue in cheek appeal that I hoped it would. I just hope that the need Sons Of Anarchy DVD to go so he began.I have to give it a ten, even if just because it's filmed in my hometown of Cardiff, if not for the fact that gives me an idea of ??what I liked in this series when I was a very small child.A good The Office DVD show.
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